I've had many naughty flings online. I decided to offer a specialized service... a pretend girlfriend... like pretend a relationship that's basically a roleplay, or a fantasy. Some guys like showing off my texts to their friends, showing them my pics and I get off on that. Some guys just want some company while they sit in "rush hour traffic" or when they are bored at work, at home, etc.
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Sex, Seduction, and Intrigue... that's what I fall in love with....

Let's get the introduction over with ... shall we? My name is Roxanne and I prefer to be called Roxy. I'm 26 years old, live on the East Coast, and I am in love with love... and sex. I've also started this website www.PretendGF.com to satisfy my own fetishes. I grew up in a very old fashioned home enviroment. I'm a little spoiled, close with my family, I have a regular mundane job that allows me to work from home a lot, and I tend to avoid close intimate relationships with men. Most relationships are best when they are "fresh" and "new". I am turned on personally by the beginning stages mostly and see it often like a seduction. Getting to know a man, peeling away at his "layers" is hot, the mystery is what gets me going. I also am turned on by the adventure and the tease of it all leading up to intimate sexual experiences. I view it all like foreplay ultimately.

In a real life relationship - there is a point where I get bored and want to move on. I usually do. Yes, I've been the little heartbreaker many times, more than I can count. Then I have desperate men calling me, showing up at my job, appearing late at night at my condo.... yuck, it can get too complicated for me. Instead I started messing around with men online and it is even more fun to me to have a long distance relationship.

See, in a long distance relationship... I get the perfect man, and he gets the perfect "me". We don't have to deal with all the day to day annoyances. There is no reason to fight. I'm a chick who likes her "space" so the internet and long distance flings/romances give me that. I've had many little secret affairs this way. So I got a bright idea... let me make it into a business, on the side.

WTF - This is a Business?

If I love it so much why make it a business or "work"? That I can answer easily. I needed a forum, a way if you will... to find the men that I personally would appeal to... a way that was "easy" to attract them to me, so I get what I want. It's actually quite difficult to find guys who "get" me and how I want to "play" and realize that I am not "serious" about them in the long term. I'm not serious, not at all, but it doesn't mean I don't adore the romance of saying "I love you baby" or find sex talk is best when it feels like emotions are involved. I just know eventually it will end, and I'm okay with that. I even enjoy the passion in a "break up".

I love phone sex. I love sexy text messages aka sexting. I love dirty emails. I love mutual masturbation. I love to Pretend I am your Girlfriend. It turns me on, it gets me gooey wet. I don't consider this to be "work", but it can get time consuming, and it does cost me money to have a website. My prices are not over inflated like other adult businesses, and you get a far more personalized connection with me then you might using a phone sex company, etc.

Roxanne is a Cool Chick

I'm a cool chick. I think a lot like a guy. I swear, a lot. I am blunt and direct when I talk. Words do not offend me. I don't like "bullshit" and I'm not a chick that is super sensitive. I'm one of the guys in many ways and have lots of male friends, along with two older brothers. I know how to hang with the boys. I like to drink beer. I like pizza. I hate chick flicks, I hate bridal showers, and I hate all that girlie stuff. BUT I am still very feminine. I'm a very sensual and passionate woman. I'm above average intelligence. I like to read. I love movies, music, dancing, shopping, chatting, and I am not at all shy.

I Love Masturbation with all my Heart and my Vibrators

I enjoy sex. I'm a very horny girl who admits to it. I LOVE to masturbate and do it everyday pretty much. Hell, sometimes I find masturbation easier then bringing a guy home with me because I get to focus on me, and I don't have to think about getting rid of him if the sex was bad. I'm not shy about dirty or explicit words. The word "cunt" is hot to me while most chicks get all offended. I like my vibrators. I like to touch myself often and I don't see a thing wrong with that. Sharing masturbation with someone else on the phone is wicked cool to me, it's dirty, it's sexy, and I get to use my imagination. And hey guess what... it's safe sex!

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