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Love Sucks... But a Pretend Phone Sex Girl Friend Can Be Perfect... Forever

What's a Pretend Girlfriend?
Me! Ok that's the short version. Let me give you the long one.  

 Are you bored, maybe a little lonely but have no time for a relationship or maybe you don't want the hassle of a chick ruling your life? Maybe you are in between relationships and you've tried porn, phone sex, and whatever.... only to find it leaves you feeling "empty". Maybe you've just never had luck with the ladies and you are sick of your friends giving you shit about it. Perhaps you enjoy the roleplay of an affair but don't "really" want to cheat on your wife.

I'm Roxy and I can be your pretend girlfriend! I've been flirting on the internet for a long time, meeting guys online in chat rooms, facebook, on twitter, other social media networks. I'm not into having a relationship at this point in my life because I just don't have time, but online romances are fun. I'm in love with love, I adore the passion, I like the excitement of getting to know someone and uncovering their layers, like a mystery novel. I like the sensuality and "newness" sensation when I meet men online. I like the playtime, the flirtation, the building of intimacy, talking on the phone, sending erotic emails, sexting and so forth. But I'm not looking for marriage, I'm not looking to use a dating service, or to meet men in person… I prefer the anonymity of the internet and getting to know guys "one on one" and pretending we have a little relationship. Once we both get bored with it... we move on. It's almost like a no strings attached relationship, a phone sex buddy, a fling, or a naughty secret affair.

Our pretend relationship can be as intimate as you want it to be. We can "court" online, you can tell your friends you've met a girl at a dating site or some other social network. I can write you lovey dovey emails, we can have phone sex, sexy emails, extremely sexually explicit emails, send you photos, we can talk on the phone, and send text messages. You can use me as your pretend girlfriend, and I'll make it feel like a genuine experience.

You have your porn collection already, and the internet is your supply because it's free everywhere. The trouble with free internet porn is that it becomes "impersonal" after a while. Once you see it so much it starts to get boring. So you've also perhaps tried the webcam shows or phone sex and spent big money for scams, or just a lousy time. It's possible it even leaves you feeling ashamed or that those things aren't the right stimulation for you. Maybe you just need something more intimate.

Phone Date  GFE Phone Sex
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Classy Phone Sex   GFE Phone Sex

Maybe you are NOT a stereotypical guy with a fetish or porn addiction. Maybe you aren't even the guy who would ever call phone sex because it seems so phony and insincere. Yet you want the companionship and more than a just sex talk. You want the flirtation, the sincerity, the "natural" girl with her own life and personality... one she'll share and demonstrate with you... personally, discreetly, and intimately.

I am very passionate about my phone boyfriends and companions. I talk to you, as a person who has unique sexual desires. I let you borrow my mind, my creativity, and my sensual voice to aid in your personal pleasure. I never treat 2 people with the same fantasy in the same way… I know how to ask the right questions to understand you. I'm never judgmental.

What I do is often described as the GFE Experience or a Phone Date… but I am far more than just a playmate. I'm a professional business woman with a true talent to communicate... beyond what you may have experienced before. I paint pictures in your mind with my sexy words. I am descriptive and detailed; with a meticulous touch. I work up to a fantasy slowly… I don't want to just 'jump" right in. I want you and me, to savor the experience.

A phone sex experience should feel good from the moment you call until the minute you hang up the telephone. My clear my professionalism will relax you about who you are doing business with. My ability to communicate and understand you deepens our connection, and my skills at the art of pleasure will leave you in a puddle.

GFE Phone Sex

Disclaimer: The PretendGF service is for fantasy entertainment geared toward adults over the age of 21. All contact is strictly a "paid for service" and in no case can you meet Roxy in person. Please do not confuse fantasy phone sex calls, emails, and text messages as any other type of adult service or as anything other then a fantasy.

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